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This workbook is brought to you by award-winning children's book authors who have proven success.

Workbook available in e-book format and also in paperback format shipped right to your door.

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What People Say About Classes Based on This Method

“You are fabulous! I’m feeling very motivated.”

Anne Hillerman, author of "Tony Hillerman's Landscape: On the Road with Chee and Leaphorn"

“I was amazed from the beginning to the end and could barely write fast enough to take down all the valuable tips, tricks, and brilliant ideas.”

Mary Lynn, author of "Every Page Perfect: A Full-Size Writer's Manual for Manuscript Format & Submission Protocol"

“I’ll never forget the class you taught…you’re truly an inspiration.”

Lucinda Delaney Schroeder, author of "A Hunt for Justice: The True Story of a Woman Undercover Agent"

In This Workbook You Will Find

Reasons why now is the right time for you to get started

-The truth about breaking in
-Information about ideas and illustrations

Essential Information in a step-by-step approach that will:

Spark your own creativity.
Expand your original ideas.
Energize you with confidence.
Motivate you to START NOW.

Step-by-Step Guide

-From writing and revising to selling and marketing
-7 step guide to writing a marketable children’s book

Sample Letters and More!

Actual sample letters to editors and formatted manuscripts that have gotten ideas seen and sold!

You Will Learn

How and where to start your story.
How to create, revise, and polish your story into a marketable one.
How to find editors who buy your kind of story.
What to write and say to editors about your story.

Don't Delay Any Longer. Start today, Step-by-Step!