This workbook is not a
typical how-to-write manual.

The keyword for our guide is

Do you have a great idea for a children’s book? Tired of Dreaming?

Ready to turn your idea into a story?

Two award-winning authors reveal the step-by-step process they follow.

The key word for our guide is MARKETABLE. What we offer is not a typical how-to-write manual.

If you have wondered... ...this workbook answers those questions and more. How do I start my story? What about illustrations? What age does my book fit?

Learn how to craft your story and
how to market your manuscript to editors.
Our workbook will help guide you in writing AND SELLING your story. Use this guide to write fiction and nonfiction,
and everything from picture books to middle grade books.

Stop dreaming. Take action.
Start today.
Step-by-step, learn how to craft your idea into a delightful, marketable story.

Award-winning authors Shirley Raye Redmond and Jennifer McKerley
have been published by Random House, Simon & Schuster, Gale Cengage, Heinemann,
and other major houses.

They’ve based this plan on
techniques that work,
and they’ve sold 38 children’s books.

Our guide teaches you...

1. How to know where your idea
fits into the children's book market.

2. How to research to target that market.

3. How to establish editor contacts.

4. How to develop the writing skills to hone
your story into a tale that kids request over and over. to make your dream come true, step-by-step.