Write a Marketable Children’s Book Is Now An E-Book

Write a Marketable Children’s Book Is Now An E-Book

Shirley Raye and I are excited to announce that our workbook is now available in all e-book formats. The workbook has a fun, new cover as an e-book, but it offers the same essential information for those who dream of writing a children’s book.

One of the most important factors in selling a manuscript is understanding the inside workings of the publishing business.

  • How can a writer know if an idea is marketable NOW?
  • What makes editors sit up and notice a certain manuscript?
  • Why does an editorial board pay attention to certain manuscripts?
  • What category of children’s book offers the best chance for making that first sale?

A racecar driver may have the fastest car, but it’s useless unless the driver knows how to enter the race. Our workbook, Write a Marketable Children’s Book in 7 Weeks, provides  the information that puts writers on the right path to getting published. Make 2014 the year you write that children’s book that tugs at your heart.

You can find our workbook in the following e-book formats:

Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble
Baker & Taylor

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