So Your Mother Says You’ve Written a Great Children’s Book

So Your Mother Says You’ve Written a Great Children’s Book

On Mother’s Day, we honor our moms for their love and lifelong support. For writers, that includes encouragement for our writing dreams. While we cherish such support, we need to remember that a mother’s opinion is highly prejudiced. Remember the drawing you did at five? It probably ended up on the refrigerator door, not in a gallery. Likewise, just because Mom loves your kid’s book doesn’t mean an editor will. Editors know what kids like and what gives a book kid appeal.

In our workbook, Write a Marketable Children’s Book in 7 Weeks, we have a section called “Discover the Magic of Kid Appeal.” In it, we show how you can appeal to kids today.

You do so with a story that:

  1. Has a sense of fun and joy.
  2. Carries children into the magic of the moment.
  3. Makes kids feel at home in the tale.
  4. Portrays situations kids relate to:
    • Succeeding after failing
    • Belonging versus not fitting in
    • Doing right versus doing wrong to gain popularity
    • Independence versus dependence
    • Security versus insecurity
    • Delayed rewards versus instant gratification
    • Winning and losing
    • Loss, separation, and reunion
    • Rivalry and jealousy
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